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pH Guard

Among the most frequent problems in treating industrial waste water is pH control.  Measuring the pH and adjusting it by adding acid or alkali to correct the pH to the desired level can be both labour intensive and inaccurate when performed manually. Even more expensive is the storage on site and subsequent disposal of such waters to liquid waste contractors.

WMEC has developed the pH Guard fully automated, skid or container mounted in-line pH correction system. The pH Guard is an extremely compact, efficient and user-friendly unit.

The pH Guard process characteristics are:

  • Compact and space saving, taking up less than 3m² of floor space 
  • In line process; the water being treated passes totally through the unit with no intermediate reaction vessels
  • Capable of treating waters with significant levels of suspended solids
  • Fully automated and designed for 24 hour a day unattended operation
  • Manages the dosing of both acid and alkali to neutralise effluent

The pH Guard treats up to 2,000 litres per minute of water with varying and intermittent flows. Other advantages are:

  • Draws its chemicals directly from standard IBC’s or permanent feed tanks
  • Independent flow and pH alarm circuits to shut off discharge or chemicals automatically
  • Built using high quality chemically resistant materials and components

Like all WMEC plant, pH Guard is specified for each individual application following detailed site assessment and any necessary trials. WMEC also supplies all related ancillary plant, such as holding tanks, feed and discharge pumps or reagent storage.


Parameter Specification
Max flow rate 2,000 litres/min
pH correction range 0 - 14
pH correction precision +/- 0.5 pH unit
Duty cycle (max. flow) Continuous (provided adequate reagent supply)
Power requirement single or 3-phase
Dimension (mm) 1800 L x 800 W x 1800 H