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Bespoke Machines

At WMEC we pride ourselves in our ability and track record in treating unusual, non standard and previously un-treatable waste streams. In these circumstances our plants can be combined to treat varying waste streams and complicated mixed wastes.  We are able to do this because at WMEC we both design and build our plants allowing us to make any alterations needed for complicated and non-standard waste stream as well as our wealth of unparalleled experience.

Examples of our bespoke plants are:

  • Recycling plants for metal part and plastic washings, primarily sentinel units with additional pH correction and additional parameter monitoring and safeguards
  • Multiple plants for food industry wastes using a combination of daf’s, pH adjustment, run down screens, bio and some form of separator depending on waste and discharge consent
  • For a steel industry client we have a bespoke pH guard unit treating 1.2 cubic metres a minute
  • Solar powered pH correction systems for road run off that includes remote telemetry and control
  • Multiple plants in the oil recycling industry using a combination of daf’s, pH adjustment, sentinel plant, and sludge filtration
  • Watering systems for poly tunnels
  • Television glass recycling plant encompassing pH control and sentinel plant
  • Aircraft X-ray waste using pH adjustment and absorption
  • Treatment of pet cremation flue gases and other veterinary hazardous wastes using sentinel plant and filter press with additional monitoring systems
  • Undertaken many cleaning in place systems allowing for minimal down time
  • Multiple redundancy systems when shut downs are not permissible.

Final design

Our policy is to design individual plant to fit in with existing processes and facilities on site to obtain the maximum possible benefits from the installation. This will include considerations of recycling possibilities, utilisation of existing equipment, minimisation of energy use and waste, and integrating process control and instrumentation systems with site networks where desirable. On completion of final design, a fully documented proposal and quotation is provided with trials report for client approval.